Putting the Head on the Crane Boom.

March 22, 2013 – 06:16 am

The Crane Boom is almost complete.

The crane boom is almost complete! I put off doing the most difficult part, the head or nose of it until last.   The reason this part is the most difficult is it narrows in both directions.  The base or butt assembly did not get any narrower across the width but did narrow in height to make the hinge point.  this was relatively easy because the sticks remained straight and could be glued at angles to each other.

I decided to present this part of the construction in a video because there is a lot to talk about.
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  • Avatar Richard How can I get 'tilt' (forward/back) from a home made camera jib/crane?
    Jan 23, 2012 by Richard | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    I am building a camera jib/crane and the only thing I cannot solve is that I want to be able to tilt the camera to look up or down smoothly. I've seen some people using pulleys but not sure what parts I need to achieve this. Thanks.

    • I'd go with the ball and socket method..

  • Avatar indiefilmmaker How can I build a homemade crane?
    Nov 20, 2008 by indiefilmmaker | Posted in Movies

    I would really appreciate if somebody gave me some links or some useful information on how to build a homemade crane (like the ones they use on films). 10 points to those with good ideas or links! Thank for your help all.

    • Indymogul.com might be of interest to you=)

      about a rain machine too?
      this helps~

  • Avatar Joey How can you make a camera look up, down, left, right, etc on a crane?
    May 08, 2010 by Joey | Posted in Photography

    I am making a crane(jib) whatever you call it and I have a concept for the crane itself but not for how I will actually move the camera. I heard wires work but I can not seem to grasp teh concept.
    * It is a heaver camera by the way*

    • On a real camera crane you would press the up and down button that moves the "wrist" part of it. ( I drove a forklift). If you are doing to yourself you'll have to rely on the "elbow" movements. I might think about renting a Genie lift. And letting someone be your hands in the thing. Unless you know how to build a fully articulating hydraulic ball-joint?