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Adult VLiebherr has developed a tower crane for installing wind turbines

April 21, 2013 – 11:43 am

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Liebherr has developed a tower crane for installing wind turbines. Its capabilities outclass those of a mobile or crawler crane in certain locations, the manufacturer says. Euan Youdale reports
The new Liebherr 630 EC-H 70 Litronic tower crane is designed to erect wind turbines with hub heights of more than 110 metres. As a rule, according to Liebherr, these are large turbines in areas where wind speed is low at ground level and they are not found grouped together on large wind farms. Rather, they are usually situated in wooded areas and other difficult to access locations, where the advantages of a tower crane comes into its own.
"These [advantages] include fewer transport vehicles, which do not need any special approvals or access on roadways, which also do not need any special strengthening; and much less surface area is needed for the assembly of the tower crane and of the wind power system itself, " commented Robert Strohmaier, Liebherr project manager.
Liebherr developed the 630 EC-H 70 Litronic with Germany-based construction company Max B? gl Wind AG to erect new generation 3 MW Vestas V 112 hybrid turbines with 140 m hub height. It was first used at Bischberg in the Oberpfalz region of Germany, where it erected three turbines and achieved a height under

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