Regardless of Whether You Dare Try Bungee Jumping?

December 15, 2012 – 04:17 am

01311788909_img-1438.jpg The Bungee Jumping is actually a fresh and exciting outdoor recreation. Most Optimum Christmas Day Newest Products: LED lights You Know What? Discount Laptop Accessories dealextreme. Pick Video Games on Eastercom/products.dx/category.201″ title=”ipod nano case”>ipod nano case Keep to be Modern All over the World The jumper will stand over 40 meters which is undoubtedly equal to 10-floor building.

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Have You Always Wanted To Bungee Jump?

There are two types of people in this world- adventurous souls and non-adventurous beings. Some think that as soon as you reach the 20′s more people try more and more daring activities. Others say it’s something that happens when you realise life is passing you by and there’s so much to still experience. Who Wants to Base Jump?

You have gone sky diving, you’ve gone parasailing and you’ve tried bungee jumping… and they just aren’t enough of a thrill. What’s left? Why not throw yourself off a building (with a parachute of course). That’s exactly what brings people to the sport of BASE jumping. Want Some Exercise? Try Jumping Stilts

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Fisher-Price Fisher-Price Handy Manny Construction Site Playset
Toy (Fisher-Price)
  • It’s time to construct and destruct with Manny
  • Use the parts to build City Hall, then use the wrecking ball to knock the building down and start all over again
  • Roll the “crawler” crane along, then remove the wheels to turn it into a crane tower
  • Over 45 pieces including Manny, Rusty, Felipe and Eduardo figures
  • Additional pieces included are three crane attachments, dump truck, cement loader, cinder blocks, wheelbarrow, shovel and more

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When I was a kid, a favorite past-time was climbing. I grew up in Vegas (which wasn't much of a city way back when...), so my friends and I would race up palm trees, and we'd play under the bleachers in the local high school. Being idiots -- as all kids are -- we would try to jump off higher and higher things. Finally, one kid jumped off the announcer's booth and broke his leg. But the climbing ... single-file line was stop and go. We had 20 meters to climb to get to a vestibule. At around 10 meters (which took maybe 30 minutes with the line), I started to freak out a little. I don't know if it was the height per se; maybe also a bit of claustrophobia. But by the time we made it up, I was also freaking out about the height.
Since then, I have been a little woozy high up. Weird, huh?

In just 90 seconds, the city seemed to come undone  — New York Daily News
Already, a damaged crane 90 stories above W. 57th St. was threatening to topple. A building had partially collapsed in Chelsea. And now seawater was cascading into the city — swallowing up homes, then streets, then entire neighborhoods. On the other ...

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  • Avatar arvidkoris How do self erecting tower cranes erect themselves, is there a web site that can describe with drawings/video?
    Nov 03, 2006 by arvidkoris | Posted in Other - Education

    I simply want to understand how they are erected (either with pictures or with video clips.

    • Ive actually worked with one and its quite impressive.

      Its hard to explain but it's like a swan in oragami.One section goes upand the next section comes from that etc etc.Took about 20 mins to be fully erect.